Best Healthiest Fat Burner Supplement: Top 7

Should You Try Water Fasting to Lose Weight?

Water fasting is a type of fasting that involves consuming only water. Sass doesn’t endorse the practice, “especially not on your own, without full medical supervision.” (There are certain circumstances in which your physician might recommend temporarily fasting prior to a medical procedure, like a colonoscopy, or for blood tests.)

Keep in mind that temporary weight loss may result from most liquid-based fasts and cleanses, including water fasting. But there is little to no scientific evidence of long-term weight loss on this type of eating plan. And, while temporary weight loss may be the only potential “pro” to doing a water fast, the “con” list is very long. Best Healthiest Fat Burner Supplement: Top 7  Among the potential health consequences? Kidney damage, nutritional deficiencies, fainting, brain fog, fatigue, and, in women, hormone level alterations, Do says.

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